Natural Remedies for Diabetes

By diabetes home remedies, we mean those natural remedies or natural cures that come from nature. They can be botanicals or probiotics. Botanicals are things that come from plants while probiotics are microscopic living organisms.

Diabetes is a very spread disease which affects millions of people around the globe. If it is well controlled, the individual can live many years with no complications. But in the case of neglecting diabetes, it will cause severe damage to all organs in human body.

At early stages of diabetes, it can be controlled using a strict diet plan, physical activity and reducing weight if you are overweight. If those measures do not help in the management of high glucose levels then your physician might prescribe you medicines.

Some people refuse modern medicines and try to treat their diabetes with natural remedies or alternative medicine. That can be potentially harmful to a human being, so you should always consult a physician before making any decisions for further treatment.

However, natural remedies can be helpful when you use them in combination with modern medicines. There is a number of studies recently which are exploring effects of natural remedies and alternative therapies for diabetes. Some of them discovered that food ingredients can stimulate pancreatic beta cells to regenerate. Other natural diabetes cures stimulate effects of modern medicines on diabetes.

If you want to try natural diabetes treatment you should not stop taking your prescription medicines. You can try some of the food which contains ingredients which are known as a natural medicine for diabetes. The most important ones are:

Natural Herbal Remedy

Natural Remedies and Diabetes

Here we will discuss these remedies and that are used for diabetes. We will also discuss the correct dosage, if any, how well they work and some known drug interactions.

One of the most potent antidiabetic herbal medicines is Gymnema sylvestre.

Other remedies that may be beneficial to diabetics include:


Chromium is an element which can be found in many different foods in the trace. It is known to be a part of glucose tolerance factor and on that way, it is involved in glucose metabolism. You should be aware that high doses of chromium might cause kidney damage as well as low blood sugar.It can be used as Chromium Picolinate (600 mcg daily). You can also ingest chromium if you eat broccoli,cheese, beef, green beans.



Cinnamon can affect glucose metabolism by helping its release from the pancreas. It also speeds up glucose metabolism which leads to lower level of serum glucose. Cinnamon is also one of the natural ways to lower cholesterol level. Cinnamon has been used as natural medicine for centuries. It decreases the level of fasting glucose in the blood. It can be used in extract form or in the whole form. It should not be used very often because there is a risk of liver damage due to coumarin, which can be found in cinnamon bought in grocery stores. If you want to use cinnamon as natural diabetes cure, you should buy Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon powder can be used mixed with warm water, you can boil it in water as a tea or you can add it to smoothies, beverages or other food.


Research of American ginseng showed its effectiveness on diabetes regulation. American ginseng lower fasting glucose level, after-meal glucose level as well as average glucose level in the last three months A1c.  Other types of ginseng, Korean, Siberian, Japanese might also contain sugar lowering compound. The concentration of that compound varies .



Magnesium is involved in process of releasing insulin from the pancreas and in tissue sensibility to insulin. If magnesium level is decreased it will cause trouble in releasing insulin and it will lead to lower levels of serum insulin and as consequence, serum glucose level will increase. Also, lower magnesium will make tissues more resistant to insulin which will prevent insulin from bringing glucose into cells. That will, even more, increase serum glucose levels. To prevent all that you should ingest enough magnesium in food. You should eat grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables. That will increase tissue sensibility to insulin and it will increase releasing of insulin from the pancreas. It will also have effect on regulation of high blood pressure.



Recent studies discovered that Vanadium can increase tissue sensitivity to insulin which allows them to take glucose from the blood. Most of the studies focus on animals but there are also some of the studies conducted on humans. Vanadium can be found in some plants or animals.


Vitamin B-1

Thiamine or Vitamin B-1 can be a good natural remedy for prevention of diabetes complication, It prevents damage of blood vessels and heart. People which suffer from diabetes in most cases have low levels of thiamine. It is the best to take it in form of benfotiamine which is lipid-soluble and can easily enter cells.


Alpha-Lipoic Acid

If you want to use Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) as a natural cure for diabetes, you should be careful. In the case of higher intake, it can lower serum blood sugar to extremely low levels. There are studies which show that Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) can decrease fasting glucose level and insulin resistance.



Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is in some cultures well known a natural remedy for diabetes. It affects diabetes metabolism by decreasing tissue insulin resistance and by increasing releasing of insulin from the pancreas. Bitter melon will have an effect on every human organ.  You can use bitter melon in form of juice every morning. It should be drunk on empty stomach.



Fenugreek is a natural cure for diabetes which has a number of mechanisms by which it lowers serum glucose level. It can help in insulin release from pancreatic cells, improves glucose tolerance, slows down resorption of sugars from the gastrointestinal tract.  You should use fenugreek for a couple of months to regulate glucose levels. It can be used raw or in powdered form.


Black plum

Black plum is also known as jambul or jamun. It can be very effective as a natural diabetes treatment method. Every part of black plum can be used to lower glucose level. Seeds and fruit can decrease glucose level very quickly. There is a number of substances in black plum which have a hypoglycemic effect. You can eat it fresh or you can find it in powder form in herbal shops.

These natural remedies are usually supplied as tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts, and fresh or dried plants. They can be in form of  herbal supplements or other natural supplements. They can also be in form of food.

Herbal medicines do not go through tests or clinical trials, so we are not always sure if any problems are associated with them. This does not stop their use, especially those that have been used safely for generations or have had reasonable research done on them.

Folk medicine has been in use throughout the ages. If a natural remedy is safe, we may be missing out by not taking advantage of them. This is because the reason most do not go through clinical trials is because of lack of sponsorship. Drug companies will not gain from spending money to take them through clinical trials and approval. This is because they are not new and cannot be patented. This means the many companies can manufacture it and make money and the company that spent money to test them will lose money.

Choose Natural Remedies with Care

The list mentioned above is just a small part of natural remedies for diabetes treatment. However, you should be very careful when choosing which natural remedies you want to use for diabetes treatment. Some of the supplements have a negative effect on diabetes. For example, zinc is one of them. You should always monitor your glucose level and always consult with your doctor before start of using any natural remedies for diabetes.

Here we will try our best to research diabetes natural remedies and inform you of any potential problems we find. If you are taking medications or other natural remedies you need to inform your doctor. In addition, a good practice is using one of the drug interactions checkers that are available online. There are a number of good and easy to use drug checkers online. One of our favorite is found at

Before using any diabetes natural remedies, you should let your healthcare providers know about your intention and rely on their advice. Though we try to give you good information about home remedies, we do not prescribe and we do not advice. Only your clinician can prescribe or advice.


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