Health Charts

Health charts are diagrams that help an individual use different personal information to find out health information. These are usually used to visually represent information. It can be in form of graphs, tables, pie or bars. They make abstract information visual and easy to understand.

Kinds of Health Charts

There are different kinds and the ones we discuss here are the ones that pertain to people’s health. Here we discuss the ones that represent the following:

  • BMI also called Body Mass index. It can also be called Height . This displays the BMI of individuals. BMI tells us how much body fat a person has. The chart is used to make this calculation by lining up the weight to the height and finding the corresponding figure.
  • Blood Pressure - this is used to grade the blood pressure ranges, so that people can read the health meaning of their own figures. It can help people to keep work to maintain normal blood pressure. It can be represented in tables or bars.
  • Calorie– these are used to list the calories contained in a particular food. It can also tell us the source of the calorie, whether it is from carbohydrates, fats or proteins.
  • Healthy Weight - this actually uses the body mass index or BMI to show what ranges are healthy or just where the figures fall. Just like the BMI, it shows what weight ranges are underweight, optimal weight, overweight and obese
  • Reflexology - These diagrams show the pressure areas on the hands and feet and how they interact with different organs or parts of the body. These areas can be stimulated in order to increase blood flow to specific areas of the body.
  • Glycemic Index - this is a diagram that represents how much starch a particular food contains. Low glycemic index foods are low starch while high glycemic index foods are high starch. This can help to provide diabetic diet tips.
  • Food Calorie- this is a diagram that represents how much calories a given food contains. It is different from glycemic index. While glycemic index shows calories from starch, food calorie chart shows calories from all sources, whether carbohydrate, protein or fat. This can also provide diabetic diet tips.
  • Infant Growth - here we can talk about growth in general. These are graphs that are used to represent the growth of any child and compare with other children of the same age.
  • Ideal Weight- please see BMI
  • A1c – this is a table that shows how well diabetes is being controlled over time. It does so by measuring how much sugar the red blood cells accumulate.

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