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Diabetocracy.com is website that is created to give comprehensive information on diabetes. It seeks to give information on different aspects of the disease and associated complications. It deals with risk factors, causes, prevention, symptoms, signs, treatment, management, medications, diet, exercise, lifestyle and other things that are associated with the disease.

The information is provided by an experienced professional nurse with an extensive knowledge of pharmacology and toxicology, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, medical imaging and well versed in biological sciences. With this background, this site tries to break down the information in such a manner that a lay person with the disease, caring for a person with the disease, or just has interest in learning about the disease can get both a simplified and in-depth knowledge on different aspects of the disease.

The materials provided on this site are for informational purposes and not medical advice. Only your doctor or clinician can provide medical advice. The information provided here can help a person probe for greater understanding of the disease.

The materials are simple written and contain information to satisfy curious inquiry.

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